We can depict our life as a battle of 2 people on the ring. Between US and REALITY

When the bell rings, the first round begins. What are the factors that can make us the CHAMPION after got hit by the enemies? Do we have to knock the enemy down on first round? Or do we have to make the enemy frustrated because we are still standing? 

Other than lasting in each battle in life, we also have to win every single round. We have to train and have a strategy when we are in this battle. 

Round 1: one of the biggest keys to win our worries is to have a DIE HARD SPIRIT. Learn to life above your feelings. Be resilient and temptations proof.

Round 2: Fly like an eagle, don’t scratch the ground like a chicken will do. Have a BIG HEART means to have a BIG VISION. Fly like an eagle that wins over daily life problems. We cannot waste our opportunities everyday to have self pity. If we do that, then we let worries to enter our mind. Collect our dreams and rise to work according to that. 

Round 3: Have a GRATEFUL heart towards anyone and anything. If we only look at their mistakes, then we will definitely find them, because nobody is perfect, including us. We all have BLIND SPOT. 

Round 4: Don’t envy other people’s blessings, because we will also receive blessings after them, it is like queueing in the line of His blessings. God looks at our heart – can we face unjustness? 

Round 5: We also have to FORGIVE anyone that did wrong to us. Forgiving doesn’t change the past but definitely change our future. Without forgiveness, life is just being lead by the infinite cycle between hatred and grudge. 

Round 6: Learn to forget others mistakes, we have to forgive ourself first and then we can forgive other people. This is the GREATEST NEEDS ON EARTH NOWADAYS. 

Round 7: Serve God with all of our heart, strength, and set aside all WRONG MOTIVATION that does not please God. 

Round 8: If we don’t surrender ourselves to God, then this life will be battered without direction or training – but with God, we will be in shape and trained – He is the TRUE TEACHER. 

Round 9: Fill up with the Holy Spirit – so its not ‘I’ again that lives but ‘Christ’ who lives within me. 

Round 10: Stay away from evilness and fight the evil – by staying away from evilness, we are getting closer to the source of victory – then we will have POWER & STRENGTH.

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