When you ask 2 questions to a man, you may only get one answer instead of two, since men have the thinking process to be one-by-one and to filter the most important part first. However, if you ask one question to a woman, you may get 10 answers out of it. Life is surely colourful.

God gave one mouth so we will not express our thoughts and opinions too much. He also gave two ears so that each of us can weigh out everything and balances the new information that we hear. Life is built on and destroyed by words. Life and death are on our tongue; the words can be a curse or a blessing. As for how tongue sways around, our thoughts should not be carried away by the feelings that no longer have guards.

Do not assume anything about a person without talking directly and privately with him. Sometimes, it is better to ask “What do you mean by that?”. Your feelings and thoughts will be relieved due to the crystal clear explanation, instead of misunderstanding the others’ words.

If there is a couple who are in love said, “I want a happy marriage, honey”. Of course, the partner will respond with the exact same words. However, is the idea of “happiness” from one person matches exactly like the other? Of course not! Speak clearly, openly, and honestly will save you from a lot of troubles.

Sometimes, I and my wife need to explain what we mean to each other to prevent misunderstanding. It is better to take some time and explain your words instead of being indifferent and has misunderstood. You shall not only be selfish in communication, especially when you are talking to those who rarely speak.

When you are talking to those who rarely speak and just listen quietly, it does not mean that you are winning the conversation against them. You never know what is inside the person’s mind. Speaking loudly does not imply a winner, and being quiet does not imply a loser.

Communicate with your feelings organized, then your life shall not have human relationship problems that you can actually avoid. Stay beautiful.

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