If  someone make you almost get angry due to many discussion that tried to corner you, usually what u can see that that kind a discussion has less fact or reliable proof. ( Not about the choose #1 or #2)

Conflict started when someone get bothered with what he or she see then make the conclusion immediately. The conclusion maybe not the right one. “All of us should be quick to listen, but slow on talking and not easy to get angry.”

A lot of surveys show that the reason number one for us to choose someone to become our spouse is THEIR DIFFERENCE. But, the difference can be like boomerang, it can be the source of conflict in their marriage life. Learn to know and respect another person’s perspective are one of the best positive things that we can do.

if we offend another person, we have to give the chance to that person to respond. If we are under pressure, we can react so negatively and bad to our spouse and ended up hurt our spouse’s heart.

If u are trying to open their heart again, your body language, face and your voice has to be gentle soft, kind and pay attention to other person.

If you do that way, you basically said that the other person is really precious person, there is a problem need to be fixed up and you open the ear to listen.

Marriage is not easy thing, it is something that you have to learn it your whole live.

Sometimes the best student is the single one, where they can looks peacefully and full understanding about themselves, but they will ended up with marriage life eventually.

Marriage is something that quite fragile, and you cannot return it to the shop to get repaired. The broken marriage life that ended up on divorce will destroy both side. No side is the winner in this case.

However, a lot of broken marriage life not ended up on divorce and getting better, because both side start to working together to understand each other and both start to have new love for each other.

The past hellish experience is the important lesson for them. That experiences is teach them to become closer and full of love to each other and have intimacy that will give born to one wonderful bond between them.

For some of our friends that has expressed their heart and story about their problem – i will pray for you twice or even more before make decision to divorce. Why? I believe YOU JUST DONT REALIZE WHAT U HAVE IT UNTIL TODAY UNTIL ALL OF YOUR STUFF IS DISAPPEARED FROM YOUR LIFE.

Keep working on your marriage life with everything you can do, trying to make peace with yourself before you can try to make peace with other people, also never get tricked with the same irresponsible way of thinking, do everything right, love your spouse in all season of your life and STAY MARRIED! If you do that, you will see the beautiful result for whatever you fighting for in the future.

Stay beautiful.

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