When God created Eve for Adam, God knows that the best thing for Adam is to become one, live together and share the good and bad together with his spouse. It is a wonderful thing that 2 people can become one and only GOD can think about that (MARRIAGE).

If the husband and wife try to hurt each other or trying to compete with each other, not in a good way, then the marriage will become like a competition where the WINNER IS THE ONE WHO RULE THE FAMILY. This kind of marriage deviates from God’s original plan.

Happy marriage life is not something that you FOUND or RECEIVE, but it is something that you GROW and MAKE TO HAPPEN. It roots from healthy character, the right knowledge and the love to serve others. How can you ever achieve, if you hold tightly to what God has given you, when it was actually given to be shared in the first place? Serve others as how you want to be served. Bless others as how you want to be blessed. Love others as how you want to be loved. Pray for others as how you want people to pray for you.

When you are in marriage life, love your spouse and grow the relationship everyday until you get the happiness. The strength of a husband is based on how strong he is able to love his wife. The strength of a wife is based on how loyal and respectful she is to her husband.

You maybe haven’t imagined how to live single life after marriage, it can be really uncomfortable (especially if you were in sweet marriage before) or it could be ‘very comfortable’ if you were in an unhealthy marriage life before. But one thing for sure, God created humans for relationship.

My challenges for today, DO YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR FAITH TO GOD WHO GIVES BLESSING IN RELATIONSHIPS once more regarding your relationship with your spouse? I thought you made a decision to LEAVE everything yesterday, but there is always hope for those who rely on God. Ask for the wisdom from Him who always give it deliberately to those who ask for it.

If your marriage life is not as good as in your dream or wish, I believe you will ask this question to me “Until when I have to be in this kind of marriage, Mr Hanny?” It is true that I am not the one who experience what you are going through right now, but ask Him who knows everything “Is this Your will for me today?” “I will obey even though it does not feel good. Victory is in Jesus’s hand. He will give strength to those who are weak.

When the handsome and the beautiful get married, the WEDDING will become REALLY COOL and cause people to be amazed, but that’s only for ONE NIGHT. You have to become WISE WOMEN and GODLY MEN so the MARRIAGE between both of you can be a JOYFUL marriage. It is very different between success on the wedding day and married life that you grow together and nurture well.
Stay Beautiful and Stay Strong.

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