Long time ago, women used to be already HAPPY if the men provide house, kids, communities, church and monthly groceries money for them. But not now anymore.

Now women need something else, something different. They will ask a lot of requests before marriage and even more after marriage. I hope you as a reader is not that kind of women – Peace! Become a real man now become more and more difficult because so many requirements now, only some can do it. Can you still become the REAL MEN? OF COURSE!!

One of the requirements to become a real man is your ability to adapt on different situation in terms of mind and attitude. If you are a father, you are a figure and best friend for your kids. To be both figures, you have to use your TIME and ROLE wisely. We have to play our role wisely for the next generation.  

I, as a father and husband, has to be a safe place for my wife and role model for my kids. If I am not capable to give positive influences, then it means I am fail inside God Kingdom. I should be able to give EXCELLENCE standard as a man. Therefore, I will not be worried if my daughter someday marries “someone like her father”. Always have excellence standard is not means to become SUPERMAN, the one who will always get a score ‘10’, but you HAVE TO become GODLY MEN first.

God wants men to become a strong person in Godly way and also become the wise Godly leader, kind and full of forgiveness. Without finding God first, it is impossible to achieve that. Your wife will wish to see you become the LEADER in the family, so she can respect and follow your instructions. Your wife also wants to see your willingness to follow God and put all the dedication to do service in God’s home, church. Then, your wife can feel SAFE and PROSPEROUS. That will make your wife has TRUST and RESPECT on you.

Not difficult right? I will explain the detail in the next article, but one thing for sure “NO WIFE WANTS TO FOLLOW THE HUSBAND THAT DOESN’T FOLLOW GOD”. That’s the first step and the first love. Strongly Godly Man only need 2 things – God and Strong Godly Woman. That is the really “strong” and independent woman. God wants all of us to be STRONG in the middle of hurricane of problems nowadays. Both of you, as husband and wife, will give birth to fruit of truth and amazing victory.

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