If you were asked to write down what you think your purpose in life is, what would you write?

Normally, people will set their purpose in life based on their dreams, goals, and ambitions. For example, some people stated their life purpose to be successful, to be a rich businessman, to excel in their career, and many more. Some articles on the internet even recommend people to find their life purpose by considering individual value, figuring out what you are good at, followed by working hard and believing that you can achieve it.

Internet articles about finding your life purpose ultimately might lead people to success. However, being successful and fulfilling your life purpose are two different things. People can be successful, yet not purposeful. This is because success can be achieved by reaching your goals, achieving all the required objectives, and accomplishing life aims. You would call a person who gains 1 million dollars in a year successful, but not purposeful if he just stays in his room, wasting away his money by doing nothing.

Another distinction between successful and purposeful people is the way they pray. Successful people often pray like this: “Lord, I want to be able to do this, I want to achieve this, I want to have this big amount of money, so please bless it and make it happen”, while purposeful people would pray like this: “God, what do you want me to do in this life or situation? What do you want me to do with this money that you blessed me with?”

As a Christian, what is our purpose in life? Our purpose in life shall come from God, as He is our creator, and we are created from His image. Our purpose in life is to live Godly, which at the end of it, will glorify His name on earth and then forevermore. Our purpose is to follow God and be transformed to be more and more like Him each day wherever He has placed us. It can be in a form of sharing God’s message to your friends or colleagues, displaying Godly attitude and respond to the people around us, earning money to donate food for people who need them, and many more ways where God can use our life to glorify His Name.

How to find the Godly purpose in your life? The answer is: pray and ask our God! Seek Him earnestly and learn to know His words daily. As we understand Him more and more, we will learn to know His purpose in our life. It is important to remember that we cannot understand God’s purpose if we are focusing on ourselves. Our Godly life meaning, significance, and purpose shall be revealed when we are in a close relationship with God.

Have you found your life purpose? Is it a Godly life purpose?

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