Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5, NIV)

Meekness might be an unfamiliar word for some of us. But for those who join the Godly Youth Movement (GYM) fellowship, this word has been continuously discussed as this month’s topic. Hearing the word ‘meek’ for the first time, people usually associate it with weakness, soft or low ranking in society and hierarchy. However, the true meaning of meekness is a view of oneself, expressed in attitude and conduct with respect to others. In other words, by being meek, we become more humble, patient and gentle in our life.

Then again, these traits are not in synergy with the world’s perspective. That is why when referring to Matthew 5:5, it brings another question to our mind: Why would God inherit the earth to this kind of people? We all know that strength and power are necessary to live in this harsh world. There is limitation for gentleness and patience when we interact with other people. You have been taught to strive to be the greatest and always be the number one or leader to conquer the world. Does meekness mean we just have to wait, give the opportunity to others and do nothing? It seems this new perspective is not applicable to our daily life.

Yet, Jesus shows us the power of meekness. There are three points about meekness that we can learn. First, instead of weakness, meekness actually needs a strong will. To have the patience handling annoying clients, or be humble in your achievements, you need strong self-restraint. In the era where we are accustomed to express ourselves, to constantly want to be heard and craving for attention, self-restraint is rare. Being meek is actually way tougher than being strong. Jesus has continuously given us examples during His life on earth. Can you imagine how Jesus hold Himself back, when He actually possess all the power, and instead showing His gentleness in answering Pharisee’s trap questions? This brings us to the second point;

Meekness is not powerless. This trait trains you to be considerate. It is wrong if you think you just have to wait and do nothing by being meek. Even when you have your own problems, you put others’ needs on the equation, is there anything else that I can do to help my brother and sister? Clearly, it demonstrates the characteristic of a true leader. Rather than having the ‘power’, meekness is about controlling the ‘power’. With the ‘free will’ that God gives to us, can we also be sensitive with our neighbors? Or will it make us more egoistic?

Lastly, meekness conquers sufferings. It does not mean the meek are immune to problems. But being meek makes you durable in the battle. The world teaches you to fight back in suffering. While it is true, meekness reminds us to embrace our suffering and even to be thankful for it, knowing God’s purpose and finding that God will still be glorified through it all. To realize that God has the absolute power in our life is the manner of meekness. Even after fighting and we are still getting nowhere, with meekness we have the confidence that God is in our side. For everything is ours if we are Christ’s (1 Corinthians 3:22)

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