Shalom everyone!  Greater Glory Summit “Godfidence” is just around the corner! Wohooo everyone must be excited about it…

On Saturday, 26th August 2017 the Godfidence Camp pre-event has been successfully held at ROCK Centre. Ignite was the most significant event prior to the main camp itself. The main purpose of Ignite was to raise awareness among the congregations about “Godfidence” theme and to build their confidence in God, as well as to boost their excitement for the camp.  Ignite was hosted by Sanggam along with Ps. Hanny Yasaputra as the interviewees.

During the event, Sanggam led the talk show and started to reveal the meaning of  “Godfidence”. Unpredictably, Godfidence was a new term that was made by Ps. Hanny Yasaputra himself; we cannot find that word neither on the bible nor dictionary.  With the Godfidence term, our beloved pastor wanted us to experience the intimate relationship with God and to always put our hope and confidence in God even in the hardest situation.

Apart from discussing the Godfidence word itself, Ps. Hanny Yasaputra also remind us that on the camp we would be spoilt by messages and workshops from the two amazing speakers, which are Ps. Jonathan Pattiasina and Ps. Chris Manusama. Their messages would surely bring a big revelation to our lives.  

Additionally, unlike the usual Sunday Service, the praise and worship team presented acoustic style on Ignite. All the songs that they presented were really simple yet meaningful at the same time. We were also really grateful and feel blessed to get a really delicious lunch that was provided by Bethany Brisbane International Church Ladies.

Overall, the pre event (Ignite) was amazing and surely the main camp itself would be much more amazing and exciting!

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