Most boys forget that what they are building in the business can disappear in one day, while what they build in the family are growing either positive or negative forever in their family life. Not a few people have to experience destruction in business before they can appreciate that relationship. Is BUSINESS depending with RELATIONSHIP?

Similar with Job in your bible, when he is experiencing disaster, he should get some comfort from his children, but they just perish. His marriage was so chaotic that his own wife cursed his breath (Job 19:17) and then fell ill, a terrible disease. Have you ever experienced a life scenario that is almost the same as Job? Disappeared instantly, destroyed overnight?

Every GOOD thing can turn out to be a fatal mistake, it all happens, no longer a fear, but reality! Your frustration leads you to feel alienated. So now how can we deal with it? Do you use this time to seek God or do you allow yourself to sink into your grief? With the right answer you can turn prison into God’s home!

Job said, “Behold, I go forth, but He is not there” Job 23: 8a. It is very scary if you can’t see hope for change in the future. Consolation will come when you know that your suffering at this time is only temporary. TEMPORARY means it will go through one day.

But, what can be said of comfort if your suffering you have never vanished? Job said: “I do not see help, there is no sign of God in my future. ALL OF THAT IS DEVIL’S TRAP for making us think that help has never existed. Desperation is what makes you worry and anxious.

On the other hand, your feeling at the time of transition is what makes you hold the blow to the problems that are insistent. There is no chance for ‘wish’ but you have to get up and walk forward again.

Like a rainstorm that does not recede, water disappointment fills the boat of life and wavers daily life, so fast you feel tired and will surrender to life.


If today you are still in a storm of ice and floods and lightning still snaps violently and thunder booms violently, WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS KEEPING YOUR BOATS FROM OUTSIDE WATER, WASTE ALL ITEMS FROM OUTSIDE, KEEP YOUR SPIRIT FROM THESE DISORDERS! Keep a relationship with God – hope the help that comes from one human relationship will arrive at your address.

Stay Strong and Stay Beautiful – Ensure this message is for someone who is in a storm ~ YOUR HELP COMES FROM THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS! He is never negligent in giving help to His children, you might think it’s too late, but in God’s time nothing is too late or meaningless.

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