On the upcoming Godfidence Camp we will be having the incredible Ps. Chris Manusama and Ps. Jonathan Patiassina who will preach and teach us about “Godfidence”…

Ps. Chris Manusama

Ps. Chris Manuel Manusama who was born exactly on the Christmas day is the lead pastor of GBI ROCK Ambon with 4,000 congregations. Ps. Chris Manusama was born as an underprivileged military family. In his youth, he was involved in several different musical groups where he sang and played guitar. In 1978, he also won a song writing competition by Prambors Radio and his popularity escalated ever since. Nevertheless, in the mid 80s, Ps. Chris Manusama encountered Christianity and decided to leave music Industry. He wanted to focus on his ministry, started to sing and give testimonies from church to church and even write lots of religious songs since then. Presently, with his deep passion for worshipping, Ps. Chris Manusama has been invited as a guest speaker in lots of cities in Indonesia, even around the world.

Ps. Jonathan Patiassina

Ps. Jonathan Patiassina was born in the capital city of North Sulawesi, Manado. For God’s will Ps. Jonathan Patiassina, along with his family moved to Melbourne, Australia and led a church called Garam Ministry. As a senior pastor of Garam Ministry, Ps. Jonathan Patiassina has deep passions to do the will of God in his generation. He admits that God has spoken to him and sent him to prepare this generation to be David’s Generation. Accordingly, he has committed his life to focus on youth ministry and empower this generation. Ps. Jonathan Patiassina believes that God can use every single of us to be his servant and to save our generations, as long as we want to listen and obey His commands. As an in demand speaker Ps. Jonathan Patiassina has travelled the world sharing the Gospel, God has taken him to speak to lots of churches, camps, and conferences

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