Godfidence Camp


The greater glory summit is back this year, and we have an awesome theme from our Pastor ‘Godfidence’. It is taken from Jeremiah 17:7


Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.


You might be wondering, how is this Godfidence, and what is it really?

I too thought that, when given the theme, but looking into the bible it is very clear. Godfidence is the combination of two words, which is GOD and CONFIDENCE. I will explain the latter first. When we think of confidence we can be confident on the present tense, right NOW, for example I am doing a driver test and I am confident as I am driving that I will pass the test, and trusting the situation now. But also we can be confident in the future, like we are confident in a getting a new job, new house things like that, it is about hoping for the future.

When we combine God with both of those meanings of confidence, we can understand that our TRUST for right now needs to be in HIM. Our hope for the future needs to be in HIM. To put it short, this camp will open our minds and thoughts to ways and paradigms which we never have thought of and at the centre of it all is GOD! Within this there will be steps and process which we will learn about so we do not become hindered and move our Confidence in HIM.

So don’t miss out on signing up! We have two awesome speakers of God. Ps Jonathan from Melbourne and Ps. Chris from Ambon. Two powerhouses of the faith that will challenge and break your thoughts! So be blessed and sign up

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