While other people sleep at night, some of you might walk restlessly like waiting for a death sentence the next day – full of anxiety.

While others sleep peacefully under a warm blanket, there are people whose whispering into the emptiness. They feel the urge that something bad will happen, they fear and trembling.

A prayer to the Lord Almighty is the only way to strip away this silent frustration. Know this church: A true prayer is not made for human ear.

The struggle between hope and doubt; enduring or surrender; love or frustration are the tests that each of us has to overcome. These struggles show the quality of human relationship with God. Without this test, our relationship with God is invalid.

Applies to all of His creation, both angel and human, a relationship that is not going through a test will be the same as gold that does not pass through the furnace. It is not accepted in the Father’s house. As the Lord saying: “to buy from me gold refined in the fire” (Revelation 3: 18, KJV) – “your recognition as My people is not valid until you pass the test”.

One of the tests which draw us nearer to Him is adversity. Adversity is a faithful and productive servant of God that brings us closer to Him as reflected on Psalm 46: 1, KJV “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”.

In other words, if there is a problem, there is God; no problem means no God.

Come closer to God, do not tear apart your precious robes! Take a courageous action: my prayer unto the God of my life (Psalm 42: 8, KJV) .

Tears might stay all night, but joy welcomes you in the morning. You do not need to tell your suffering, but if you have one now, then today you have HOPE, today you is your salvation day, today you experience breakthrough! Today is YOUR DAY! Stay beautiful folks.

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