Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Christ, hope everyone has been good!

As most of Brisbane’s population know, Rock Brisbane family has come back with the one and only special fundraising event that everyone loves!! Rock Brisbane has made the most delicious and super tasty homemade noodle, and we called it “Depot Koh An”. It has been 2 years since we had our last Depot Koh An back in 2017 and just a couple of weeks ago, Depot Koh An finally came back with their super yummy noodles! 

It was a long longing event that everyone has been waiting for and finally the Depot Koh An is back again! Our first Depot Koh An in 2019 was held on 27th July and it went well. Many people came and enjoyed their meals with the fellowship at Rock Brisbane Centre, we had a fantastic weather too! Thanks God for the perfect weather and all the amazing crew who prepared the Depot Koh An. Surprisingly, the number of people who ordered the noodles was beyond all the crew’s expectations. Customers  kept coming and within 2.5 hours all the noodles were gone, and no more noodles left!! Praise God for our first Depot Koh An in 2019 went perfectly. 

Here are some of the snapshots of our first Depot Koh An in 2019, hope you enjoyed the food and fellowship as much as we do <3

As the noodles were sold out within 2.5 hours on our first Depot Koh An, there were many people who came but didn’t had a chance to get the noodles. Apologies that we didn’t make enough noodles to serve everyone. However, don’t be despaired guys, we have another good news! Depot Koh An will join Indoz festival on 23rd and 24th of August at King George Square! YAYYY! Don’t forget to mark the dates on your calendar and please join us on our second Depot Koh An. For sure you won’t regret to try these special and delicious homemade noodles. In Indoz Festival, Rock Brisbane family will also have various type of Indonesian food and snacks that will be made with full of love. What are you waiting for, please set a reminder on your calendar now and we’ll see you at second Depot Koh An next week at King George Square! 

Have a blessed week guys and God bless you!

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