Participating in a church camp can bring a significant impact for our lives. We are so blessed that church camp becomes a major event in BBIC, which is always held annually. Surely, there are many positive aspects and valuable experiences that we can gain after attending the church camp. Here are the reasons why you should join to the church camp.

  1. Camp is the perfect opportunity to keep a strong relationship with God.

Some people might experience the spiritual dullness or they start to feel distant with God and surely that every single of us has ever encountered in this situation. Attending the church camp can be one of the solutions to build stronger relationship with God and also enlighten your spiritual belief as Christian. In most church camp, we feel the extensive exposure to the word of God and typical day in church camp will be filled with the activities that involve in group devotion, bible study, services. The use of the word of God repeatedly and letting the words dwell richly makes it valuable for every camper because building relationship with God is often obtained from prayer, hearing and reading the words of God. Every person who joins the camp will experience God differently depending each individual but surely this experience is an opportunity to connect between God and us.

  1. Learning from mentors

There are a lot of activities that help us in lifting our spiritual by joining church camp. Mostly, Godly mentors (counselor, speakers, staff, guest pastors) are invited and this is a great opportunity for the campers to observe and learn from them.  The special speakers would have spent plenty time waiting to prepare and waiting for a fresh “rhema” word to share. This becomes a privilege for the campers soaking in many sessions of spiritual food that will help us renewing our minds and refresh our spirits. The word of God, which delivered by the speakers, would bring much impact and has a power to transform us and help our spiritual development.

  1. Building strong community / connect with others

Spending time with other people either new people from other church or person that we know from our church will definitely build a strong friendship with them. Christian camping becomes a facilitator to allow broadening of one’s circle of fellowship, we meet new friends at the camp one year and it can continue to see year by year which becomes lifelong friend that we care for, pray for and encourage in Christ.

There are a lot time that we spend together in church camp such as attending all the sessions, having meals, spending a free time, and doing a lot of fun activities for 3 days or more will help us to get to know others better. Even if the person from the same church that you might not know or not close with them, there will be a lot of communication that involved and this is the right moment to get to know better with others. Surely, joining church camp will lead to a better, stronger church community

  1. Escape from our business / daily activity

The retreat means that going to a place that you can get away from our business or daily life.  It is good for us by participating in church camp not just lifting our spiritual life but also improve our health being escaping from our daily routine, stress life, business and finding relaxation in God presence through the camping. This will give us refreshment and rejuvenation and when we back to our daily life we will be more ready to serve Him more.

  1. Away from Distractions

Away from distractions mean that in church camp sometimes we are not encouraged to use or spend a lot of time not to use our gadgets or we can call it “Technology fasting”.  Sometimes it is very difficult for some people not to use their phone, laptop or even checking email. However, this becomes a beneficial factor to break away from the routine and redirect our mind to focus more in our spiritual growth in God

Finally, attending church camp is part of milestone in our spiritual journey to draw closer and know more about the truth.  Sometimes, we experience spiritual dullness, too many distractions in our life which lead us not to have much time to experience God in daily life. Through participating camp, we try to stop and pause for a moment and away from our business/ daily routine to redirect our mind and focus to experience the presence of God.  This will help us individually to grow and recharge our spiritual belief and experience revival both at personal level and church level.

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