Hi everyone, in 2017, in accordance with our theme, God will give His people New Heights. The new heights cover the elements of:

New Strength (verse 1):
Young and older people need this, as it does not only mean physical strength, but also mental strength, especially with high stress level nowadays. Wait upon the Lord and He will renew our strength. We are also asked to keep silence, meaning to concentrate and focus on God’s promises during the discouraged situation. The art of waiting is so important, especially in this fast paced era, as when God delays the process, for the purpose of protecting us.

New Protection (verse 8-9):

God’s protection is upon our life. This is because of His covenant. Because we are His chosen people, He will not cast us away. This verse is the guarantee of His covenant through the water baptism, born again experience and bread and wine communion.

New Courage (verse 10-12):

One of God’s titles is Immanuel, meaning God is with us and this title is always in our heart. Therefore, if God is with us, who can be against us? We are reminded that God is our protection therefore we will have that courage. When false accusations are raised upon us, we need to understand this new courage as His hands are holding firmly to our life and those accusations shall be as nothing. This new courage also enables us to face challenges ahead of us to fulfil God’s promises.

New Effectiveness (verse 15-16)

Not only that God gives us new courage but He also gives new effectiveness by sharpening our wisdom, knowledge and understanding in order for us to have new perspective in dealing and crush mountains of problems and challenges in our life. Once the problems and challenges are diminishing and taken away, we will rejoice

New Revival (verse 18-19)

New revival will happen everywhere to glorify His name and this requires our involvement. The hand of God (His involvement) is always there to save, to put us on the stream of blessing and joy, and finally to exalt us. Our response is always clothed ourselves with humility to make it a beautiful collaboration.

The purpose of God to bless us is so that we can bless others as well. We are reminded that we are just a tool or a vessel for those who need it. Have the courage and do not be in fear when we want to share the Word of God. Fear does not stop death, but it stops life. When we fear, it will become our limit. When we are going through something, we cannot really see the goodness about it. But when we survive and looking back to it, then it will provoke a thanksgiving and praise!